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An innovative way to confirm your blood products were irradiated

The RadTag product is a radiation indicator device used by blood banks that use irradiation to prevent transfusion-associated Graft vs. Host Disease (TAGVHD). RadTag verifies that each unit of blood receives the specified range of radiation absorbed dose.

The RadTag Blood Irradiation Indicator is a unique product which not only provides visual confirmation that the minimum absorbed dose level (15 Gy) has been attained, it also offers visual confirmation that the maximum permissible absorbed dose level (G0 Gy) has not been exceeded, helping you to confirm visually that your process is meeting FDA requirements.

The RadTag indicator is simple to use: the sensitive portion (central dot) of the indicator is initially white and converts to blue when exposed to ionizing radiation. The degree of color conversion depends on the absorbed dose and so color-match references are conveniently printed right on the label. This system provides you with the visual assurance that the absorbed dose falls within the prescribed FDA dose range. This contrasts with simple go/no-go indicators which merely indicate whether some minimum dose level has been achieved without any regards as to whether the upper dose limit has been exceeded.

RadTag Irradiation Indicators are manufactured under a Quality Management System that is registered in full compliance with ISO9001:2015 guidelines.

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RadTag Irradiation Indicator
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RadTag Irradiation Indicator